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Cool & Cute Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make Mum Smile.

Today’s card selection is my pick of top ten Mother’s Day cards for kids. Cute and contemporary designs that are perfect for little ones to deliver to their mums. This year’s designs has some great options for younger card givers. Cute designs with mother and child characters, modern designs with stylish typography and even some delightful wooden cards from our state-side friends. See what you think …

1. Bright typography and cool patterns feature in the ‘Mummies are for Hugging’ card (shown above). £2.50 from the Caroline Gardner website and stockists nationwide.

Alice Palace Mummy Hedgehog

2. ‘Best Mummy’ hedgehog greeting card starring a terribly cute prickly pair. £2.25 from the Alice Palace website and stockists nationwide.

love from lemonade cute mothers day card

3. Super sweet ‘I Love My Mum’ card. £2.16 from the Love from Lemonade website and stockists nationwide.

Playground love notes Mothers Day card £3.50

4. Fill in the blanks and create a truly personal card with the ‘My Mummy’ Interactive Little Persons Mother’s Day Card. £3.50 from Made with Love Designs.

paper rose M64868 300dpi

5. Bursting with colour and charm, the ‘I Love My Mum’ owl greeting card. £1.65 from The Art Group stockists nationwide.

night owl paper goods wc876-babymommy-front-d

6. Cute critter, wooden Baby Mommy ‘I Love My Mom’ card. $6.50 from Night Owl Paper Goods (for link see item no.7 below).

night owl paper goods oc985-Super-Mom-d

7. A great pick for the coffee fans! ‘Super Mommy’ card. $4.50 from Night Owl Paper Goods.

mrs l cards mum_what_i love you mothers day card

8. Sweet and funny, ‘Muuuummmmm, What’ I Love You card. £3.00 from the Mrs L Cards website.

mother's day cards for kids - personalised fox card buttongirl designs

9. On trend (foxes are big this year!) personalised ‘Love You Mum’ Mother’s Day card. £4.95 from Buttongirl Designs’ NOTHS shop.

mother's day cards for kids - liz and pip

10. Bright and beautiful ‘Love You Mummy’ Flowers and Hearts card. £2.25 from Liz and Pip.

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