Art Blocks to Brighten Your World

These unique wooden blocks are works of art by John W. Golden.

beats for your wooden blocks with heart design

A digital artist since the late 1980’s, John W. Golden is known for his ability to reproduce traditional styles, using digital methods. Each design is a triptych made of 3 individual blocks, that come together to form one image.

bird design wooden block art

Designed as a stand alone piece, these art blocks can sit on a mantle, window sills or bookshelves … Art is no longer just for the walls.

heart skips a beat wooden art blocks

Each block measures 3″ tall by 2 5/8″ wide and 1/2 ” deep, enabling them to brighten up even the smallest space.

dog design wooden art blocks

Available designs include love hearts with motto’s, popular design icons and animals. Buyers seeking a puppy or kitten block even have the option to choose from a full portfolio of breeds, as shown below.

range of dog decorated art blocks

Wooden art blocks are just $14 and the complete collection is available to be shipped worldwide from the John W. Golden online shop.

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