Modern Mayhem from N’er-Do Wells

Self-confessed, n’er-do-wells Alistair and Richard are the founders of Grim & Proper; making modern, mischievous, greetings cards. Today we’re looking at two of their fab ranges.


Brian’s Guide is a collection of 24 cards featuring brilliant bunny Brian. There is no need for self help books any longer with Brian on hand to dispense countless words of wisdom.


The brain child of Grim & Proper collaborator John Walker, Brian’s Guide greetings cards are 150mm square and each is supplied with a plain recycled envelope and biodegradable cello-bag.

The Troy & Malcolm range observes the world of two artist’s dummies struggling to survive in the world. Despite limited movement and facial expressions, Troy and Malcolm attack life at full speed and with considerable charm, resulting in 32 brilliantly entertaining and endearing greetings cards. The range measure 5″ x 7″ and come with the customary envelope and cello-bag.

Currently Grim & Proper supply to trade customers only, to make an enquiry and see the full collection, check out their website.

**2016 update: Sadly Grim & Proper don’t appear to be in business anymore. If you know any different please get in touch.**

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