Beautiful & Thoughtful Jewellery for Every Occasion

Miju is the brainchild of Mike Giles and Judy Lawrence. Creating beautiful, thoughtful jewellery, from their workshop in Montreal. Today’s post shows just a few examples of their fantastic designs.

These fun ‘X-ray Cameo’ pendants are available in both girl (above) and boy (below) versions. The laser cut silhouette is etched with a skull, creating a sleek, contrasting image on the black acrylic base. The ‘X-ray Cameo’ necklace retails at $32.

This modern ‘Contributor Bird’ pendant features a white acrylic bird hanging on a long, 20″ chain. Each necklace comes with a 1 inch “I am a contributor” button. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each set go to the WeAreContributors charity organisation, who donate skateboards to underprivileged youth across Canada. The necklaces are available for $20.

‘The Wind Beneath’ is a collection of  pendants styled on feathers. The ‘Wing & Prayer’ necklace is fashioned from white acrylic. Each design is Laser cut to create an accurate duplication of this natural form. Etched with detail and suspended on a 16″ chain, the necklace is $32.

Also available in the collection is the ‘Amis’ necklace, a set of three black feathers on a long 30″ chain. Laser cut and etched on black acrylic, the design is also available with white feathers, both retail at $32.

To see and purchase any of these necklaces, visit the Miju online shop.

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