Add a Little Art to Every Day

Fashion and jewellery always make wonderful gifts and these original belt buckles and necklaces are the artistic creations of Sleepictures.

The paintings of Teresa Flowers are the foundation of the entire Sleepictures collection. With a wealth of imagination and innocence, images focus on merging dreams and reality to create a magical landscape.

The paintings are fashioned into 2.5″ wide, flexible resin pendants. Hung on a 100% genuine leather cord, with a variety of cord colours to choose.

Each necklace is provided with an individual case. A hand-crafted, original piece of jewellery that retails at just $25.

All Sleepictures belts have buckles made of resin, set in pewter. Like the necklaces, buckles use Teresa’s artwork. Belts are handcrafted from 100% genuine leather and are available in black, brown, cracked ivory and burgundy. Buckles are 2.5″ in width. Belts are available between 28 and 40″, with a 1.75″ width. Supplied in an individual case (as shown below), belts retail at $65.

All of Teresa’s pieces are made to order. With buyers able to customise their colour preferences they make unique, personal gifts. To see the full line of products, have a look at the Sleepictures website.

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