Decorative Art Adds Interest to Any Home

Today we’re previewing a unique line of decorative art from Neawear. Known simply as ‘Wall Wear’, designer Janick creates these beautiful pictures from her home in Montreal before shipping them all over the globe.

decorative art - hanging wall decoration

‘Wall Wear’ decorate and adorn your home with small pieces of eye-catching embroidery. Stitched images combine with high quality materials and vintage frames to make a desirable addition to your home. Our first image is the sell-out design ‘Pink Poppy’, which retails for $42. (Neawear sell this item via Supermarket, so today’s prices are in American Dollars).

decorative art - padded heart wall decoration

These next two pieces utilise embroidery hoops to frame the images. Using either a vintage metal hoop (shown above) or a classic wooden hoop (below). Highlighting the hand made quality, the simple frames compliment the bold stitching. Images are embroidery floss on linen. $35 each.

decorative art - floral wall decoration in hoop

The floral ‘Wall Wear’ shown below uses metal flowers to embellish the embroidery. Mounted in an ornate vintage frame this piece retails at $65.

decorative art - framed floral wall decoration

To purchase any of these designs or see the full collection, take a peek at the Neawear website.