Gifts from the Grassroots Art Community

Art Bureau fosters a grassroots approach to promoting the art & design community. Today we’re featuring some of their wonderfully creative art zines, screen prints and postcards.

‘Black Rain’ is a signed print by artist Ciah-Ciah. Limited to a run of 100 copies, this screen print makes a unique gift idea. Each design is screen printed by hand, with 2 colours on a heavy white board. Prints are available with a button badge and sticker as an extra treat.

‘Giant Hot Dog’ by UK based cartoonist Andy Smith is a super-sized poster. Just 30 copies have been made, measuring a bright and brilliant 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. The poster can be purchased in a set containing the 84 page Art Bureau Comix.

Each Comix is crammed full of mini comics by a collection of artists, including Andy Smith, Sarah Becan, Ciah-Ciah and Jim Bradshaw.

The final gift idea from Art Bureau is also by artist Andy Smith. The collection includes: signed ‘Falling Cows’ print, 3 postcards and ‘Art Bureau 11’ a 32 page feature of artwork and articles with an Andy Smith designed cover.

Art Bureau’s works make an unusual and highly collectible gift idea. With designs being added to their portfolio there is always something new and original to be found in their online store. Prices start from as little as $5.00.

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