Go Bold & Bright with Ornate Patterns

Today we’ve got a look some bold and bright greeting cards from Ornate Patterns. Printed cards range in price from £2.10 to £2.40 and embellished cards between £3.50 and £4.00. To accompany the images, Ornate Patterns founder, Sally Moret, has given Card & Gift Blog a mini interview that tells the background story of the cards.

Interview with Sally Moret

How did Ornate Patterns get started?
I have always had two loves in the design world; shoes and patterns. My Fashion and Textile Degree took me into the specialized world of footwear design. From leaving, I managed to secure myself the best job ever, working for a London company called The Pentland Group. For many years I travelled the world not only designing shoes, but also clothes, hats, bags, graphics and prints too! From here I have become a freelance designer, which I love as it gives me more opportunities to explore new areas of design. My change in direction lead me into starting Ornate Patterns, however the publishing business has enabled me to stay true to my background as they want shoes and handbags too.

What is your inspiration?
My inspiration is what all girls love: shoes, handbags and of course patterns and print. I also love the Retro London trends of the 1960’s combined with the influences of Art Nouveau and like to work with stylized flowers, swirling lines and bright colours. I love to travel and my favourite spots are Venice and Egypt. However Barcelona would be where I would go for inspiration. I just love the colours and mosaics Gaudi created.

How does a design evolve?
I start by drawing my designs on paper with pencil. It may take several days to create an idea I like and by then I might have drawn the same idea over and over several times. I mix my hand painted original artwork together with the graphical artwork of Illustrator to produce interesting and vibrant designs. I also use my background experience in the fashion industry.

What are your plans for the future?
It is now two years since I started this new full time business designing for the greetings card, gift-wrap, textiles industries and any other publishing business who want surface design work. What a hectic year it has been, learning to create my own website to showcase my new work. For 2010 my main objective is to embellish some of my original designs with illustrator to create more dynamic artwork with graphic and floral imagery, textured backgrounds and wording. I notice that working in Illustrator the final artwork can be changed to customer requirements more easily. I am also planing to print and embellish some of my own designs to sell locally to shops and on the Internet.

What is your ideal gift?
My ideal gift would be bunches of flowers, glass beads or design books.

What are your favourite websites?
My favourite websites would be:
www.alluminaire.com (as I am one of there ‘world class’ designers!)
and of course … www.cardandgifblog.blogspot.com

To see more of Sally’s designs have a look at Ornate Pattern’s website.

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