See Clare Gage’s New Ceramic Collection

Today on Card & Gift Blog we have some pretty ceramic designs from Clare Gage. Highlights from a collection of cups, tableware, bowls and vases that make beautiful homeware gifts.

From her studio in Chesterfield in Derbyshire, Clare creates elegant collectible homewares that fuse hand-crafted textiles with delicate ceramics.

A detailed process sees every piece of tableware formed from hand-woven fabrics. Each is transformed into individual moulds and recreated in porcelain.

Clare is a fellow of the Royal Society of Art and in 2007 won the prestigious ‘Design Directions: Ceramic Futures Award’. An indication of the remarkable quality of the ceramics.

Each piece is slip cast in porcelain and individually hand-finished with textile-inspired ‘stitches’. I love the whimsical touches of stitches and buttons on the designs.

Prices for Clare’s homewares start from as little as £15 and can be purchased at her online store.

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