Greeting Cards with Modern Whimsy

Today’s cards are from J M Martinez, a company that offers greetings cards, personal notecards and stationery with a whimsical modern twist and collage-like style.

collage style greeting card

feats of daring collage style greeting card

These images are taken from the J M Martinez range of greetings cards which covers birthdays, blanks, sympathy, wedding and thank you designs. The appeal of the cards can be found in their eclectic mix of vintage imagery and type, which is expertly combined to produce bright, vibrant designs.

floral birthday greeting card

floral birthday card

Cards are all printed ion high quality boards and supplied with luxurious envelopes to give a sense of elegance to every day, as well as special occasions. Here in the UK the cards are sold by the lovely folks at YCUK and retail at £2.50. Readers from America can find the range distributed by Calypso Cards. If you’re outside of these two areas, check out the official J M Martinez website for more information.