Take a Closer Look at the Dooodolls

Dooodolls began in 2004 the brain child of Malaysian graphic designer Darren Chen. Starting as a hobby in 2002 Darren began the collection creating individual hand sewn toys for friends and family. They proved to be popular and Darren has gone on to develop a full range of toys and accessories. From a small cottage industry, Dooodolls has become a global success and a huge hit at the yearly international toy fairs. Today we’ve got some pictures of a few of the monsters that made their way to the Card & Gift Blog garden.

Dooodolls is a designer world of monsters, aliens and wild animals – each one unique and adorable in their own way; with their own characters, background and personalities. The three monsters Card & Gift Blog has adopted are Third Eye, Cupipi and Pinkie Pirate.

The individual style of these monsters is designed to make people laugh. There is a wide range of characters and products to choose from. With everything from big gifts to stocking fillers there is a Dooodolls gift for everyone. Available to purchase from the official online store, plush toys start from $9, plush pillows from $38 and keyrings retail at around $5 (Prices are in American Dollars).

To purchase your own Dooodolls character or find out how to stock these fab creatures check out the Dooodolls website.

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