Blow Up Booms with New Flower Grenades

These wonderful ‘Flower Grenades’ from one of my favourite design companies, Suck UK.

flower grenade

The current sunny weather makes this an excellent gift idea. An excuse to get out in the garden and sew some seeds. The compacted wild flower seed grenades once thrown, grow into a beautiful display to cheer up any outside space, whether green paradise or concrete jungle. After about a week you will start to see Ryegrass, which will be followed after 3 weeks by Buttercups and Poppies.

flower grenade box

flower grenade after explosion

With the simplicity of the unique ‘throw and grow’ system of these floral grenades, they are the perfect present for all, not just the green fingered. Designed by Tony Minh Nguyen and Snowhome, each box contains 3 flower grenades and retails at £12 from the Suck UK website.