Fabric Accessories for a Stylish Every Day

Today we’re looking at some beautiful fabric accessories from the Margo Selby brand. Margo is a designer trained in woven textiles, who studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. Known for her combination of bold patterns and luxurious fabrics, Margo has united her innovative hand-woven structures with industrial machinery to create unique 3-Dimensional fabrics that have become the trademark of her designs.

The Margo Selby brand is a collection of homewares and accessories in bright, colourful patterns. Today’s images are from the range of accessories and includes (from the top) weekend bags, shoulder bags, clasp purses, zip purses and wash bags. All of the designs are available in a variety of materials offering choice in graphics and colour palette.

The variety of products available means there are gift ideas for a variety of budgets. The Weekender Bag (picture 1) with Margo’s signature Bordeaux design on the outer fabric and a faux suede interior, is a limited edition piece, this bag retails for £295. Margo has also created a range of Healthy Back Bags (picture 2) which are ergonomically designed to fit the curve of the body. Available in 2 fabric designs, these bags can be picked up for £180. As great stocking fillers or mini presents the Margo Selby accessories range has double clasp purses (£32); Zip Ups (£18) and wash bags (£35) all are perfectly practical and pretty gifts (pictures 4-6).

All of the bags and accessories (and lots more) shown on today’s post can be purchased online directly from the Margo Selby website. Items can be shipped to the UK, Europe and USA.

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