Discover the Handmade Porcelain Accessories of Carys Boyle

From her studio in North Wales Carys Boyle creates a range of handmade porcelain accessories, which make perfect homeware gifts.

porcelain vase

The inspiration for the collection comes from the coastal environment, evident in the smooth curves of the porcelain bud vase (above) and the delicate details of the Mini Sculptural Vases (below). These elegant pieces can be purchased via website Not on the High Street where they retail for £25 and £22.50 respectively.

porcelain vase with lace detail

Carys Boyle’s range of interior accessories are predominantly white, making them the perfect compliment to each other as well as any interior colour scheme. Individual pieces are are also available finished with touches of gold or silver to create an added touch of glamour.

porcelain tea light holders

The intricate work in the range is the result of using contemporary and high skilled techniques. Individual Tea Light Holders (above) have an almost lace-like quality, created with the careful manipulation of liquid porcelain to create the rich details. Beautiful on their own or when grouped together, Tea Light Holders retail at £8.

love heart decorations

Today’s final image are these cute love hearts. The ‘Happily Ever After Hanging Love Hearts’ make a sweet gift token and are available to purchase at £30 for a set of 3. To see more beautiful gift ideas from Carys’ ceramic collection visit her website or go straight for the online shop here.