Rainbow Jewellery from Duck in a Bucket

Duck in a Bucket founder Ema Kelly is a Glass Designer based in my hometown of Leicester, who specialises in hot glass making techniques to create elegant or fun designs that will brighten your day and make excellent gifts. Today we’re looking at some key pieces from her ‘Cluster’, ‘Rainbow Delights’ and ‘Friendly Bug Parade’ ranges.


Ema uses a combination of lampworked glass pieces, precious metals and fine silver work to create her unique collection of award-winning Jewellery. Inspired by her mood and surroundings, the variety of the collections range from sophisticated, sleek designs to cute and fun animal beads.

The collections are beautifully handcrafted with Ema designing and making every tiny glass detail, from the little glass bubbles in the ‘Cluster’ Collection to the striped bodies of the Bees in the ‘Friendly Bug Parade’. Duck in a Bucket jewellery can be purchased directly from Ema’s online store with prices starting from just £15.

To see the full collection of Ema’s handmade glass jewellery take a look at the Duck in a Bucket website and don’t forget to leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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