Cutting Edge Greeting Cards

I’m starting the week with some art-driven, cutting-edge greetings cards from Fara Berry Designs. Established late in 2009, Fara Berry Designs aims to create exciting and provocative greeting cards.

All of the designs are left blank for the sender’s own message and are engineered to be perfect for multiple occasions. Fara Berry greetings cards are printed in the UK with a fashionable silk finish. Available in two sizes: 5″ x 7″ and 6″ x 6″. All of the range are produced using FSC approved board and come cellophane wrapped with a matching envelope.

Number as Image (above) is a range of cards based on the numbers of landmark birthdays. Using some nifty mathematical equations the image becomes a work of art that is slowly revealed and not immediately obvious. For a quick cheat, the actual number can be found on the back of each card as its title.

The clever use of numbers and words is a stand out feature of each of the Fara Berry Designs collection. Each of the ranges utilises numbers and type within the designs to give a strong, contemporary image; evident in greeting cards from the ‘Occasions’ (above) and ‘Found Image’ (below) sets.

The final image is from the ‘Decollage’ range. The French word means “to unstick”. the range is inspired by an artistic movement that applied the process of recording the tearing away by opportunist passers-by of one poster to reveal another underneath. The greeting cards provide a strong visual that is suitable for occasions or as stationery.

One to watch for unique, art-inspired greeting cards if you would like to find out more about Fara Berry Designs go have a look around their website.


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