Eco-Friendly & Innovative Jewellery for All

Environmentally conscientious and innovative, jeweller Julie Linn specialises in creating bespoke and sustainable jewellery. Utilising unusual materials Julie creates contemporary and semi-precious designs that are an affordable and sustainable alternative to throwaway fashion.

On today’s post the images cover the whole selection of Julie’s work, with works using silver, paper and rubber materials previewed. The Buckle Rings shown above are an example of one of Julie’s silver ranges. Beautiful designs to be treasured that twist the silver into intricate modern forms.

Not afraid of creating experimental and innovative pieces, Julie has developed collections of delicate accessories made from both newspaper and seed paper. The paper necklace shown above demonstrates the beautiful items that can be constructed from this Eco-friendly, biodegradable material. Good for eight wears, each has a detachable fastening with every recipient getting two in a box.

This Summer Julie introduced new range ‘Rubberfly’ to her Jewellery collection, featuring silhouetted rubber butterflies suspended from multiple silver hoops. Available as neckpieces, pendants, rings and earrings the elegant designs show no trace of their earlier roadside origins. Prices for Julie’s handmade designs range between £35 and £180.

Julie Linn Jewellery is available to purchase direct and through selected galleries, for full details take a look at the official website.

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