Discover the Unique Jewellery Creations of Lotus de Wit

Today’s post is dedicated to the jewellery and mini sculptures of Lotus de Wit, a jewellery designer and maker from Holywood in Co Down. The images are from two stunning silver collections, ‘Origami’ & ‘Bugs and Creatures’.

Crafted with heaps of inspiration and bucket loads of skill every single piece is a work of art and would make a unique gift idea. The ‘Origami’ range is inspired by the clean cut lines and shapes created in origami. From these basic forms Lotus de Wit creates intricate designs recreated in high quality silver. The result is a beautiful collection of  wearable jewellery including necklaces, earrings and studs.

‘Bugs and Creatures’ depicts the fascinating world of anthropods giving each little bug it’s own personality and charm. The range includes wearable jewellery … earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles as well as tea infusers, strainers and miniature sculptures.

For more information on stockists, a full price list or details on future exhibitions have a mooch around the Lotus de Wit website and get in touch with Lotus. Items can also be purchased online from sites such as Louth Craft Mark where a pair of Origami earrings are 55 Euros and a co-ordinated Origami pendant retails at 99 Euros.

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