Handmade Christmas Decorations with the Felt Factor

Alongside all the Christmas cards & gifts, the holidays are also the perfect time for handmade Christmas decorations. If you like to add a little craftsmanship to the festive season then today’s post is from you. We’re taking a look at some cool and quirky decorations from textile designer Lucy Antwis. You may remember I featured some of Lucy’s accessories collection from her company Twis on the blog in September.

Lucy’s handmade textile collection provide highly original Christmas decorations from wreathes and puddings to trees and baubles. Every item is hand-felted from high quality, silks and merino wool. The perfect finishing touch to a homemade, stylish Christmas and a cute pre-Christmas gift to yourself!



Where to Buy

The featured handmade Christmas decorations are available to purchase online from the Twis store. Prices for the items shown today are: Christmas Wreathes, £21.00; Christmas Pudding Decorations, £15.00; Christmas Trees, £15.00 and Handmade Baubles, £5.00 for a set of three.

To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Twis website.

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