Contemporary Jewellery Makes for Gorgeous Gifts

Selina Campbell is a Jeweller and Silversmith making gorgeous contemporary designs. Today we’ve got some fabulous pieces from her ‘Floral Outline’ collection, each one part of a limited production that would make a rare, beautiful gift.

Selina’s work is inspired by the beautiful forms to be found in flora and fauna. The layered structures and geometric patterns recurring in nature give the jewellery a modern look, with intricate details adding a special feel to each piece.

The majority of the jewellery pieces are handmade using an elaborate mix of techniques, which includes soldering, piercing, polishing and hand-finishing. The designs maintain the natural white appearance of silver, which acts as a contrast to the polished edges creating distinct patterns and a modern yet classic style.

There are lots of designs and price ranges to choose from so you’re sure to find something perfect for a birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or Valentine’s Day. To find out more pop along to Selina’s website.

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