Explore the Mini Trends of 2010

You have to love a mini trend. While not widespread and picked up by the mainstream, mini trends show frequently seen motifs, patterns or characters. The result is a mini trend that is picked up by those in the know, without becoming over saturated.

Across 2010’s Cards & Gifts there were definitely a few mini trends. Recurring themes that have been used to decorate greetings card and giftware products to create something fun, beautiful or funky.

Today we’ll be looking at a few examples. If you want to pick up on these mini trends early before they hit the mainstream keep your eyes peeled for these trend themes in the coming months.


Russian Dolls

By Bombay Duck

By freckleface

By In Vita Paper Studio


By KidViskous

By Miju


Bright, Graphic Flowers

By Lagom

By In Vita Paper Studio

By Paperclip Cards



By Big Tomato Company

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