Trend Lovers Are Mad About the Owls

Today is a little collection of Owls; an additional trend to the birds trend we covered in December.

Owls have been a recurring theme through 2010. From homeware gifts to greetings cards, we’ve seen the humble owl decorating a whole range of products. The Owls are shown in different sizes, shapes and forms but the one thing they all have in common is they’re both very wise and very cute.


Pair of Owls Tea Towel by Karen Phillips

Owl Decorative Belt Buckle by Sleepictures

Owl Birthday Card by Peel Cards

Owl Decorations by Sally Weatherill

Wooden owl greeting card by Night Owl Paper Goods.

Crochet Owl Toy by Best Years

I Love You Owl Greeting Card by Fay’s Studio


Handmade Owl Decoration by Lindsey Gray. (2017 Update: Sadly this website seems to no longer be available)


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