Take on the Textured Ceramics Trend

Looking back at the gifts featured over 2010 you do get to spot trends and themes amongst the products. Today we’re going to be looking at one of those trends; namely textured ceramics.

With the exception of a few mini trends (which I’ll save for tomorrow) this one last trend I wanted to show you today has been a frequent theme in the lovely world of ceramics.

Across 2010 we’ve seen numerous artists that have been texturing and embellishing their ceramic wares to create unique and beautiful items. The result is a splendid array of ceramics which stand out from the crowd, and subsequently would make excellent gifts.


textured ceramic bowl

Ceramic Bowl by Kim Westad
textured ceramic teapot

Textured Teapot with Decorative Legs by Undergrowth Designs
textured ceramic bowl

Knitwear Textured Bowl by Alyssa Ettinger
ceramic sea urchins

Spiky Textured Vessels by Heather Knight
textured ceramic bird

Textured Print Bird by Prince Design UK
textured ceramic cup with button details

Fabric and Button Textured Ceramic Cup by Clare Gage
floral ceramic vases with button details

Floral Vases by Lynda B