Creative Valentines Day Cards for the One You Love

I thought I’d break today into two posts. This morning a few creative Valentines day cards; then later, for those that feel the need to rebel against February 14th, a quick look at every day cards. Both of today’s contributions come from the fabulous world of fold.


fold is a small, independent greetings card publisher based in Phoenix, Arizona. All of the cards in the collection are designed and fabricated by Miro Chun. The cards use high quality, 100 % recycled board finished with decorations of wire, threads and found papers.

The designs shown above are from the range of sewn cards, which has a variety of mobile and 3D cards each festooned with delicate Valentine hearts. As an alternative fold also have a range of funky wire cards that say it with words. As you will see below the designs cleverly twist simple wire into bold words.

These cards and many more in the fold range can be purchased online. Cards are $11 (American Dollars) each. (2017 update: the website is not currently available).


If you liked these creative Valentines day cards come back later today to see some beautiful hand-sewn greetings cards and funky wire cards ideal for every day.


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