Cool & Quirky Ceramics for All

I thought I’d take a little break from the Valentine’s theme today when I came across these cute bud vases by Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics. I loved the combination of quirky shapes (which remind me of acorns) and charming patterns. All of the vases are handmade by Cynthia on a potters wheel in her cozy studio in Columbus, Ohio and can be shipped worldwide.

handmade ceramics

Each vase is crafted from a translucent porcelain that is delicate enough to see through when held up to a bright light. Using this unique porcelain (which Cynthia mixes herself) allows greater visibility of the rich colors used in the patterns.

handmade ceramics

The bud vases are painstakingly hand decorated with pigmented clay; incorporating decals, metallic lusters and patterns applied with relief printing. The intricate work that goes into each piece results in distinctive raised patterns, which create a wonderful visual that would add decoration to any home.

handmade ceramics pots

handmade ceramics pot

Single bud vases are $40 (prices in American Dollars) or a the highly decorative Tricolour Pastel Vase (below) is available to purchase for $75. To see all of these items check out Cynthia’s online store.