Contemporary Jewellery with a Ceramic Twist

MaaPstudio is a small workshop specialising in the design and production of contemporary jewellery. Today’s post features some of their unique creations; jewellery that shows the love and appreciation of the porcelain material from which it is made.

The Khao-Lak Sterling Silver Necklet is decorated with Porcelain Flowers fired to a high temperature to create a robust design. MaaPstudio uses a subtle colour palette inspired by nature. This necklet is available in sky blue, turquoise, white, gray, purple, and coral brown. The flowers are left unglazed with a satine matt surface. The design in available for $68.

The Cottesloe Porcelain Bracelet Bangle is a beautiful design with the immaculate white providing a dramatic contrast against the turquoise stained porcelain. Each bracelet is carefully crafted by hand creating a gift where no two will ever be exactly the same. The bangle is priced $98.

MaaPstudio’s Martinique Porcelain One Of a Kind Ring is draped with a group of delicate flowers. The band and floral insides are chocolate brown set against a clean white ring of petals. Like the whole collection shown here today the ring is handmade and left unglazed to show the porcelain material at its best. The Martinique ring is available to purchase online for $42.

Our last image is the Pasodoble Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Porcelain Bud Beads. A stunning piece of jewellery, each bead takes several days to create before being mounted on a high quality 16″ sterling silver chain. Necklace retails at $68.

To see all of these gorgeous handmade pieces and the rest of the collection pop along to the MaaPstudio online store. (Prices on today’s post are in American Dollars).


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