Bold Prints to Brighten Your Home

I thought we could start the week with some bright and bold prints that would make great gifts for fans of design and pattern. JHill Design is a small design studio located in Boston, MA, behind the prints is Jennifer Hill creating rich, vibrant, multi-layered patterns. Jennifer trained in graphic design and art history at the Massachusetts College of Art and went on to establish JHill Design in 2005. Today we’ve got some images from Jennifer’s collection of prints.

Animal Alphabet is a series of 26 designs from ‘A is for Aardvark’ to ‘Z is for Zebu’. Inspired by modern quilts and illuminated manuscripts the layers of pattern give each of the designs a sophisticated look that raises them above normal alphabet prints. Designs use archival inkjet print on a photo matte paper. Measuring 9″ x 9″ the framed prints retail at $50 and are available to be shipped worldwide.

The City Prints collection has used vintage travel posters as a starting point; each has then been given a historical twist. The print includes details an interesting year from the history of the state or country depicted. The Alaska print for example commemorates the year when gold was first found in Alaska. Buzz words are weaved into the print including nugget, panning and sparkle – perfect for a gold rush! All of the prints also contain a longitude and latitude point. There are currently 14 designs in the collection; you could choose a home location or go with a far flung place you’ve always wanted to visit. Prints start from $20.

If you like what you see, you’ll love the collection. Grab a cuppa and go see the whole collection please visit the JHill Design website.


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