Unique Jewellery is Your Salvation

Today we’re featuring designs from My Salvation Jewellery. Designer Dana Valente is passionate about finding a new use for once loved treasures and creates organically inspired jewellery from recycled, salvaged, vintage or antique materials and treasures. The designs feature a variety of materials carved from real bone or horn, deer antler sheds, leathers, feathers, sea shells, insects, natural crystals, stones and much more. The designs are incredibly unique often showing the signs of their former lives in tiny imperfections, which add to their stunning look.

It was this statement necklace that first drew me to the My Salvation range and made me want to see more. Dana has combined together a collection of discarded trinkets and natural materials to form an amazing necklace. The back of the necklace is made from a large links of steel chain, which are secured at the front with a vintage brass lanyard hook. $88.

This necklace uses reclaimed materials to create tri-colored graduated pendulum spikes in distressed colors of brass, copper and matte silver. The spikes are hung on a vintage brass chain, which is also aged and discoloured in places adding to the mix of beautiful colours. $62.

Five egg shaped quality Rainforest Jasper stones are the focus of this design. Primarily green with speckles of other colours they have been teamed with dead-stock vintage chains in gold, gunmetal, silver, brass and copper. A unique bracelet that would make a gorgeous gift. $48.

These earrings mix together rustic silver arrowhead charms and elements of vintage brass chevron chain; the result is an ornate design with the charm of a vintage piece yet retaining the modern feel you get with upcycled designs. The earrings are just under 3 inches from the top of the brass ear wire to the tip of the arrowhead. $36.

The last image from the collection is a gathering of found items, inspired by the items you may pick up on your travels. A vintage skeleton key, one perfect clear quartz crystal and one rough lava stone nugget. Components are hung from gunmetal plated brass chains graduated at 16, 18, and 22 inches that have been layered to make a standalone design. Combined together it’s a wonderful statement piece that retains a simple, modern look. $42.

All of the pieces from My Salvation Jewellery are available to buy online & ship worldwide from their home near Pittsburgh, PA.


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