Mixed Media Artworks Make Artistic New Gifts

Using nostalgic imagery Priscilla Jones creates contemporary stitched mixed media artworks in 2D and 3D.  Today’s post is a gallery of some of the pieces; inspired by cakes, teacups and teapots. The unique style adopted in every piece gives them a wonderful individuality; Priscilla uses found materials to craft the designs, incorporating unusual and beautiful items that conjure up memories and a love of sewing from her childhood. Working from her studio & gallery on the Northwest coast of England, Priscilla uses her surroundings to inspire and influence the art pieces – the faded beauty reflecting the picturesque environment. An award winning artist, Priscilla exhibits her collections across the UK and Europe, as well as teaching and running The Edge Gallery with husband Ian.

To see more from Priscilla Jones check out her website.


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