Luxurious New Scent Gifts from Haskell Natural Candles

Haskell Natural Candles create 100% soya wax candles; Each one is carefully crafted from organic soyabeans and hand-poured in designer Kathryn’s barn in Cheshire. A beautiful gift idea the candles will add a stunning aroma and touch of luxury to any home. Haskell Natural Candles are available in a variety of designs: the Tumbler Candle, Classic Cube Candle as well as a wide selection of Pillar Candles. You can also choose any of 20 different fragrances giving you a gift idea that is bespoke to your requirements. In contrast to regular paraffin wax candles, soya wax candles produce 90% less soot making them better for the environment.

Items in the collection include: Tumbler Candle, £14.99; Classic Cube Candle, £16.99; Small Classic Cube, £12.99, Travel Tin, £8.00 and Pillar Candles, £12.99. All are available to purchase from the Haskell Natural Candles website.

2017 update: Sadly the website seems to be no longer available.


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