Organic Handmade Accessories Fresh from Boston

Zaum is a small creative company based in Boston that specialises in organic handmade accessories. The range includes bags, purses, iPad covers and more. Each of the accessories is made using organic materials; meaning they’re not just super stylish but also kind to the planet.

Each of the accessories range is made by professional craftsmen in the Zaum studio. Without mass production or any type of factory setting, the designs can combine modern tradition with new Eco-friendly thinking.

While the environmentally friendly nature of the organic handmade accessories is important, style is also integral. Each of the designs combine retro ideals, modern style and unusual shapes; key features that result in  to unique accessories that stand out from the everyday bags and purses you find mass produced.

The Zaum team focus on exclusive designs; bringing a little bit of style to everyday products. Whether you’re at home, going to work, travelling the world or just out and about there’s a chance to add Zaum’s collection to your life.


organic handmade accessories - handmade bags - red bag with clasp

organic handmade accessories - blue patterned clasp purse

organic handmade accessories - tablet cover

organic handmade accessories - handmade bags - grey bag with clasp

organic handmade accessories - handmade bags tan and white shoulder bag

organic handmade accessories - handmade bags - red pattern bag

organic handmade accessories - green clutch purse


Where to Buy

Featured organic handmade accessories: Everyday Bag. $140; Small Coin Purse (fits coins, notes and credit cards). $35; Handmade Organic iPad Sleeve. $40; Organic Purse. $140; Small Laptop Bag (fits 13″ laptop / notebook). $180; Organic Purse. $160 and Organic Clutch Purse. $70.

The items shown today are crafted to order from high quality organic cottons and canvas materials. To see all of these items and more of the collection pop along to the Zaum website.