Pretty Patterns for a Home Sweet Home

Laura Felicity is a London based Designer-Maker, creating beautiful homeware gifts from her hand-drawn patterns and silkscreen prints. Combining her love of surface design and interiors, Laura creates delicate layers of patterns, building them up to a unique finished item. Shabby chic inspired, and utilising a soft colour palette designs include: art prints, developed from Laura’s own wallpaper designs, hand embroidered cushions, greetings cards and handmade lace embedded plaster coasters. All items are handmade in the UK from materials sourced in Britain; Eco-friendly options are used wherever possible.


Featured today are: Embroidered Blossom Art Print, £155; Geometric Flutter Art Print, £135; Pretty Flower Cushion (front and reverse options), £75; Lace Embedded Plaster Coasters, £36 for a set of four; Pretty Flower Card, £3.50.

All of the items shown here today are available to purchase online from Laura’s website.


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