apple pie candle in a tin

Scented Candles Fresh from the Kitchen

Lisa Roukin is an experienced and passionate cook, who has developed her childhood love of cooking into a successful career. Lisa has travelled the world learning new cuisines, worked in some of London’s finest restaurants and last year even reached the final of Gordon Ramsey’s ‘The F Word’. All of this experience has led Lisa to set up ‘Cook with Lisa’ … her very own cookery school – jam packed with foodie wisdom and importantly for Card & Gift Blog a shop! As you can imagine the Cook with Lisa online shop has a selection of gifts perfect for food-lovers. Today were featuring the fabulous range of recipe-inspired candles. Recreating the smells of your favourite foods baking, these candles allow you to enjoy the delicious aromas without piling on the calories. Each candle also comes with the recipe it recreates on the can.

homemade shortbread candle in tin

pineapple flambe tin in candle

raspberry sorbet candle in tin

candle set in canvas bag

candle set in box

Featured Candles: Apple Pie, Homemade Shortbread, Pineapple Flambe and Raspberry Sorbet. All individual candles are priced at £14.99. Or choose all four for a discounted price of £44.97 saving a fabulous 25%. Right now you can also get ‘buy one get one free’ on the Apple Pie candles in celebration of the Jewish New Year; the offer is available till Monday 3rd October so get yourself over to the Cook with Lisa website.