Meet New Publisher A Farmer’s Daughter

Living and working at her family’s dairy farm in Staffordshire, England, Helen Thompstone has launched ‘A Farmer’s Daughter’ – a home grown business producing greetings cards and creative gifts. Today’s post is a look at some of the country-inspired greetings cards. With her own design studio on the family farm Helen is perfectly placed for inspiration; from her original prints and illustrations several collections have emerged focusing on farming and the the British countryside. The appeal of a unique subject matter makes each card stand out from the crowd and the simplicity and charm of each illustration has made them a huge hit in galleries, farmer’s markets and greetings card boutiques across the UK.

Featured today: ‘Animals Prints’ – Fox and Stag, £2.50; ‘Twenty Things’ – Winged Things and Birthday Things, £2.50 and last but not least ‘Lamb, Pork, Beef’, £2.50. All cards shown today and many more are available to purchase online from A Farmer’s Daughter Farm Shop.


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