Discover the Microscopic World of SciArtImages

SciArtImages is a new range of greetings cards, art prints and mugs taking a close up look at the natural world. Beautiful abstract designs are created from macro shots of flowers and microscopic images of crystals and plant cells. The collection has been developed by Neil Taylor, a former research scientist, who has discovered the aesthetic appeal of these unique images; capturing a rarely seen view of the natural world to produce a range or contemporary cards and gifts.

The greetings cards featured today are available to purchase at the SciArtImages online store. Available as abstract greetings card packs, each contain seven different images. There are six packs to choose from retailing at £10 per pack. Alternatively you can pick your favourite image as an art print, prices starting from £12. The recent addition to the range is SciArt mugs, priced £8 each, these can be picked up at the SciArtImages Folksy shop. For more information on any of these items go to the SciArtImages website.


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