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Luxury Fruit Soaps are a Delightful New Gift Idea

Today’s post is a look at the remarkable fruit soaps of the Ottoman Scent Co. Inspired by the rich heritage of Turkish baths, the Ottoman Scent Co has renewed the 300 year-old art form; creating their own brand of stunning soaps.

Historically fruit soaps were considered so enchanting and lifelike they were presented to visiting royalty or dignitaries by Turkish Sultans. Today the Ottoman Scent Co. work with a small band of dedicated artisans who roll, shape and paint each soap by hand.  Using real pips and stalks, the soaps are indistinguishable from real fruit. Little works of art in soap form, these fruit soaps make a unique gift fit for a king or queen.

If the pure quality and attention to detail doesn’t win you over these soaps are also practical. All of the Ottoman Scent Co’s fruit soaps are pure, natural soap painted with harmless colourings. Furthermore none of the ingredients used are tested on animals; Making them ideal for those who want gentle soaps that have been ethically made.


orange fruit soap in box

lemon fruit soap in box


About the Ottoman Scent Co.

The Ottoman Scent Co specialise in transporting their customers to far-off lands with beautiful products; Enabling people to experience the enchanting world of Anatolia with evocative and bespoke scents.

From soaps fit for sultans, through scented candles inspired by the orient, to mood enhancing bath cupcakes and bombs, all products draw on centuries of Turkish heritage.

Each of their soaps is meticulously hand-crafted by artisans living in rural Turkey, a location famed for its centuries-old designs. While their scented candles and bath treats are hand-poured and hand-piped in the company’s workshop in South-Wales.

Aside from looking great the Ottoman Scent Co ensure every item is also good to use. They carefully select all of their ingredients; natural waxes for candles and natural foaming agents generously enhanced with cocoa and shea butter for the bath bombs.

The final touch of quality is stylish signature boxes, which aim to add a splash of luxury to every item.


apple fruit soap in box


Where to Buy Fruit Soaps

Featured Gifts: The Sultan’s Favourites, £19.75; Orange, Lemon and Apple individual fruit soaps, £8.50. Other fruit soaps, including: Strawberries, Baby Melon, Peach, Nectarine and many more are also available. To find out more, stock or purchase from the collection please  visit the Ottoman Scent Co website.


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