Cool New Greeting Cards with a Wild Streak

Today’s post is some cool new card designs from Holy Mackerel. An established publisher based in Devon, England, Holy Mackerel specialise in delightful, unusual cards created by artists from across the UK. The ranges shown today are from Holy Mackerel’s humorous collection of greetings cards. First is ‘Born to be Wild’ by World of Moose artist, Moose Allain. The designs depict a unique world packed with charming characters that, quite simply, rock! The second set of images are new additions to the best-selling ‘One Lump or Two’ range. Designed by artist Erica Sturla, the polymer clay characters have a genuine warmth, making them a charming choice for any occasion.

‘Born to be Wild’ has 12 cards in the range and ‘One Lump or Two’ has over 100 designs to choose from; all the cards retail at £2.15 and can be purchased online from the Holy Mackerel website. To find out more please visit the Holy Mackerel website.


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