Cool Christmas Stamps Cards Add a Touch of  Carnival

Today’s Christmas card pick is a range of Christmas Stamps cards from the fabulous Love, Faith and Hope. Called ‘Carnival’, these bright, contemporary Christmas cards are modelled on Love, Faith and Hope’s hit everyday range Stamps, that was featured on the blog back in September.

The bold designs mix colourful stripes, spots, stamp perforations, cute typography and Christmassy sayings. I love the vibrant feel of the range; the bright colour palette is the perfect antidote to cold, wintry days and a mix of patterns and typography gives each of the designs a stylish feel that is ideal for a wide audience.

Single cards are available to purchase at £2.50 each; A pack of six (one of each design) is £8.95 and a pack of twelve (two of each design & a free card from the collection) retails at £14.95. Individual card designs are available at stockists nationwide. To stock up on the Christmas cards Love, Faith and Hope website.


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