Bring Home the Birds with New Flock Follies

Today’s garden gift idea from Flock-Follies started life in 2010, designed at the kitchen table of Jayne Tarasun. Inspired by the sight of little birds being nudged out of the way by their larger counterparts at traditional bird tables Jayne decided to create a new type of bird feeder. The result is a unique design that ensures smaller birds get their fair share of grub in the garden. The Flock-Follies bird feeder is a year round feeding station designed to dispense a choice of five foods: meal worms, seed, suet balls, niger seeds or nuts; there’s also a handy drinking reservoir built in to the top of the lid. Every detail of the Flock-Follies bird feeder has been thoroughly thought out; designed to protect the welfare and safety of small birds, while detering larger birds, squirrels and vermin. The bird shaped holes and perches are perfect for small, vunerable birds; with the design keeping food dry and preventing damage to the birds feet or beaks. Fun and functional this is a lovely gift idea for gardeners and wildlife fans.

The Flock-Follies bird feeder comes in four funky colours that will brighten any garden. Supplied flat pack they are easily assembled in two minutes. Each bird feeder is manufactured in Cornwall, England and is 97% recyclable. Bird feeders are available to purchase online from the Flock-Follies website for £35.00.


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