New Quirky Gift Ideas Celebrate Iconic Britain

London based drpd create fun, quirky gift ideas featuring iconic British graphics. Since launching in February they have worked with a number of  famous London clients including: the Barbican, Southbank Centre and the British Museum. Now with the launch of their very own collection we can all own piece of drpd design.

The collection is based around ‘simple, authentic gifts and quirky homewares’. drpd’s clean, stylish designs are each decorated with graffiti based graphics, often representing a theme or topic in a new and unconventional way. I love when everyday items are made extraordinary with the use of great design and drpd’s gifts are a great example of this. The current collection gives you items you can use or carry every day, each has been made extra special with the use of appealing graphics.

Items on today’s post include Oystercard holders and the ‘Egloo’ – dynamically designed salt and pepper shakers. Both collections are peppered with iconic graphics including: the household guards with their red tunics and bearskins, the world famous British telephone box and the London skyline; complete with Gherkin, St Paul’s and Tower Bridge. Great care and attention is given to each gift, with ethical manufacturing and the best quality materials.

Gifts pictured are Oystercard holders: Solider, Urban and Bus designs, each retails at £3.00. Egloo designs are: City, Phonebox, Vintage Telephone and Soldier, each gift-boxed Egloo set is available to purchase at £15.00. All of the featured gifts are available to purchase online at the drpd website.


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