Glass Tokens are Thoughtful Gifts of Love & Friendship

Spaceform has been creatively using glass to make thoughtful gifts. Presents that convey messages of love, friendship and positivity since their launch in 1995.

Today’s gorgeous gifts are from Spaceform’s collection of keepsakes and tokens. When the range was first introduced, they were made from glass pieces leftover from larger specialist glass artworks. The smaller items however had so much unique charm and appeal that these thoughtful gifts soon became a highlight of the Spaceform portfolio.

As the company has gone from strength to strength, the gift range has grown; today there is a Spaceform keepsake, token, frame, paperweight or pocket mirror for every occasion, and every special person in your life. For today’s post I have chosen a few of my favourite items that will make thoughtful gifts for this year’s Christmas stockings.



Where to Buy

Featured Gifts: Colourful Frames, from £13.00; Russian Dolls Pocket Mirror, £16.00; Layered Paperweight I Love You Daisy, £35.00; Round Message Tokens, £22.00; Positive Expressions, from £9.00 and Text Tokens, £11.00. To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Spaceform website.


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