Vintage Christmas Cards with Art Deco Elegance

Today’s blog post is dedicated to three vintage Christmas cards made in modern times; the work of retro-loving designers Pennychoo. As much as I love the traditional wintry themes and characters you see on Christmas cards and gifts I am always excited when designers take a non-traditional approach to the festive period. Pennychoo has accomplished this marvellously, creating elegant designs using a bright, appealing colour palette, with retro styles and patterns.

These first two images are from new Christmas Card range ‘Bloomsberry’. Inspired by the elegant, luxury of the 1920’s these cards are glossy foliage and berries in a luxurious art deco style.

New Christmas Card range ‘Eggnogg’ takes 1950’s bark-cloth designs and uses bright colours and patterns, which have been sprinkled with a festive twist.

The next images are from the new additions to the ‘Boibles’ range. Harnessing the spirit of Tony Soprano these are designs that ditch the podgy robins for a cool, retro feel.


Where to Buy Pennychoo’s Vintage Christmas Cards

All of the Christmas card collections shown today are available to view and purchase on the Pennychoo website. Individual cards retail at £2.50 each.


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