luxury London greeting cards

Explore the Love London Collection Adding Sparkle to the Capital

At the start of the year, I published a brief blog post looking at the trends emerging  in the world of greeting cards and gifts; attempting to figure out what 2012 may bring. One of the big trends I mentioned at the time focused on British themes and particularly the great city of London. This was demonstrated with a beautiful greeting card from Five Dollar Shake. Well, a few weeks have passed and I think it is about time that we took a proper look at the range. The collection is called ‘Love London’ and comprises a wide selection of cards for all occasions, covering everything from new babies to anniversaries and birthdays. Each design is peppered with the iconic skylines and landmarks; celebrating our capital city with a touch of luxury and heap of glitter.


London scene anniversary card

London skyline congratulations card

shop till you drop birthday card

new baby card with blue baby on board London bus

new baby card with pink baby on board London bus

London skyline perfect day birthday card

detail of luxury birthday card

As with every Five Dollar Shake greeting card, the Love London collection is created with huge amounts of care and attention to detail. The last image is a close up from one of the designs, which shows the high-quality, patterned board and lashings of glitter that make the London landmarks shimmer and sparkle.

Five Dollar Shake greeting cards are available from stockists nationwide, with the Love London range retailing at about £3.20 per design (prices will vary between retailers). To find out more about this collection and other Five Dollar Shake products visit their website.