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birthday doodle card

Greeting Cards with the Doodle Factor

Roisin Cafferty is a Designer and Illustrator creating fun, contemporary greeting cards. Designs incorporate strong graphics, in bright colours; celebrating everything from the British life to typography and rainbows. Today’s post features greeting cards from my favourite range in Roisin’s collection. Named ‘Doodles’ the designs have a classic Kraft background with modern, jet black doodles. The range currently comprises six greeting cards, each is decorated with witty, charming doodles themed for birthdays and occasions.

Roisin Cafferty greeting cards are available to purchase from stockists nationwide and online from Roisin’s Your Indies shop. The six Doodles designs shown here retail at £2.40. Alternatively, you can personalise your own Doodles greeting card at online retailer Scribbler; in three sizes (small, standard and large) prices vary from £1.99 to £5.99. To find out more about Roisin Cafferty please visit her website.


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