Cool Cushions for the Modern Home

Heather Lins Home in Madison, Wisconsin, creates stunning homeware gifts that combine modern design with artisan techniques. The cushion featured on today’s blog post are truly special; statement pieces that would be a unique addition to any home – a gift for the house proud! Designs are based on vintage typography, scientific diagrams, eye charts and conversation bubbles. Despite using easily identifiable visuals, the unexpected combination with soft-furnishings provides an entertaining twist. Modern, witty and beautiful; these are cushions to spark a conversation.

Featured Gifts: Geology Pillow, Botany Pillow and Anatomy Pillow are $220; 100% wool felt background with Eco-friendly applique design. Eye Chart Pillow and 3-D Eye Chart Pillow are $95 each and Conversation Pieces Pillow #2, retails at $60; these cushions are screen-printed by hand with with water based inks on natural fibre products.

To find out more or purchase any of these cushion designs, please visit the Heather Lins Home website.


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