Discover New Greeting Cards from The Strawberry Card Company

Amongst the recent Valentine’s Day blog posts, I featured some new greeting card designs from The Strawberry Card Company. As the Valentine feature was only a fleeting glimpse I thought it would be nice to start the week by taking a proper look at the new additions to The Strawberry Card Company collection.

Introduced to the trade at this year’s Top Drawer, the cards were very well received and will subsequently be hitting shop shelves across the country and online in the coming weeks.

The first group of designs are a collage of delicate patterns with bright colours, polka dots and florals.

The second set of images use soft, muted tones, intricate ‘illumination-style’ patterns and strong typography.

The new collections offer a wide selection of designs for birthdays and occasions. With a recommended retail price of £1.90, The Strawberry Card Company produces high quality greeting cards from sustainable sources, using FSC certified suppliers.

To see more from The Strawberry Card Company take a look at their lovely website.


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