Eco-Friendly Bags for Every Occasion

Pansy Maiden bags are the perfect gift for fans of Eco-friendly fashion. Individually created by Pansy Maiden founder, Laura Collins, each bag design is constructed to be durable and functional as well as beautiful. With a choice of clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks and satchels; designs are inspired by clean lines, whimsical shapes and an urban aesthetic. The Pansy Maiden philosophy reflects Laura’s own personal values. The bags are produced with socially responsible, cruelty-free methods, and no animal products are used in the collection. Laura has also put a lot of time and effort into finding fair trade suppliers, organically sourced fabrics and plant-based dyes; as well as donating left-over fabrics to ensure Pansy Maiden is as close to being a zero waste operation as possible. Impressive Eco-credentials and stylish design, Pansy Maiden has a bag for every occasion.

Featured Gifts: Fringed Pouch, $38; Coco Clutch, $110; Gabrielle Satchel, $195; Waxed Canvas Shoulder Bag, $180; Waxed Canvas Weekender, $240; Fringe Shoulder Bag, $200 and Waxed Canvas Backpack, $240.

All of the bags on today’s post are available at the Pansy Maiden online shop why not go and have a look and let me know your favourite design!


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