Spell Out Any Message with Awesome Alphabet Cards

Today’s last card and gift peek of the week, is a fabulous selection of new greeting cards and art prints from Alice Palace. ‘Alice’s Alphabet’ has all 26 letters of the alphabet, delightfully decorated with polka dots and stars. Each letter is thoughtfully paired with its own positive word – A is Amazing, R is Remarkable … check out the Alice Palace online shop to find out about X, Y and Z! A versatile collection,  Alice’s Alphabet is a great way to personalise any occasion. You can even gather a group together to spell out your own special message.

Alice’s Alphabet is available in three formats: greeting cards, £2.25; mounted prints, £25 and an A2 canvas, £124.00. To see the whole collection, and start purchasing your own letters and phrases take a wander over to the Alice Palace website.


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