Brilliant Bunnies from Aurora World

With spring in the air and Easter on its way, it’s probably not surprising that today Card & Gift Blog seems to have gone a bit bunny mad. Today’s gift images are a few of the new additions to the Aurora World collection; Powder Puff Bunny and Dreamy Eyes. With floppy ears, cute bow and reflective shimmery material, the Powder Puff Bunnies are a truly girly gift. In a soft candy-floss pink, the bunnies can stand on their own, be paired with a pet carrier, or even become the accessories themselves in the form on keychains and wristlets. The best-selling ‘Dreamy Eyes’ range also has two new bunny additions; super soft and huggable, with polka dot ears and paw pads in pink and blue.

Featured gifts: first from the Powder Puff Bunny set, standalone bunny available in small and large, $7 and $15 respectively; 6″ pet carrier, $13; shimmery clip-on keychain, $4.50 and wristlet, $9. Also pictured, the Dreamy Eyes Bunnies¬†in pink and blue, 10″ and 14″; $13 and $20 respectively.

All of these plush rabbits, and many more gorgeous soft toys can be seen and purchased on the Aurora World website.