Discover the Wonderful World of Tiny Mail

Based in Oakland, California, Leafcutter Designs is a creative studio ran by Artist Lea Redmond and her brother Devin. Today’s blog post is dedicated to a selection of the playful curiosities and gifts born in the Leafcutter Designs studio. Many of the gifts have begun life as handmade gifts for Lea & Devin’s friends and family, before being rolled out in larger batches for the whole world to enjoy. The first images are from the ‘World’s Smallest Post Service’ – a custom letter and card service with a miniature twist. The Tiny Mail Stationery Kit is a DIY kit with everything you could want to make your own tiny mail outs.

Trade tokens offer homegrown services, everything from a cup of tea, a pep talk or some good old home cooking. Hand stamped on maple, the tokens are a cute gift idea – buy a selection for your loved one and trade the tokens back and forth.

Tactile Poetry is a series of 3D poetry designed to delight, teasing out messages one letter at a time. Choose from a selection of phrases, including: ‘I Love You’, ‘Possibility is always at our fingertips’ and ‘Your Hand in Mine’ to spell out to your loved one.

Our final whimsical gifts from Leafcutter Designs are ‘Punch Boxes’, a modern update on an artifact from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The boxes contain miniature scrolls with sweet, endearing messages that are revealed once ‘punched out’. Each box is adorned with letter pressed words and decorations.

Featured gifts: The Tiny Mail Stationery Kit, $20; Trade Tokens, $1 each or $13 for the full set of 16 tokens; Tactile Poetry tins retail from $10; and prices for Punch Boxes start at $20. To see or purchase any of the items shown today please visit the Leafcutter Designs website.


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